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Housed within the sprawling Seashell Resort at Havelock Island, Bonova is a contemporary yet elegant café and pub set by the sea. Easily accessible on foot from Havelock Island jetty, Bonova has etched itself in the minds of holidaymakers within a short span of time. Started by Seashell Group in 2017, this modern day space is a bistro by day and transforms into a pulsating pub by the time the sun goes down. Adorned with wooden paneling in warm shades of brown, with large windows to take advantage of tropical sunshine, Bonova is a melting pot for people and cultures from across the world.

Whether your palate craves for cheesy continental food or fresh seafood, juicy burgers or delectable pastries – we ensure that the foodie in you is satiated. Relax by the bar while sipping on our refreshing cocktails or take your drink straight on-the-rocks, our wide collection of beverages will entice you.

Walk into Bonova Café & Pub after enjoying the many charms of Havelock Island, like kayaking or scuba diving or even just strolling down Kala Pathar or Vijay Nagar Beach – and lose yourself to the live music, mouthwatering food and great conversations.

Sweep your wife off her feet by surprising her with a private candlelight dinner by the beachside – one of the many services we offer to make your holiday extraordinary.

Bonava Café & Pub is your destination for food cooked with passion and served with love..